From ‘Elements’ by Long Distance Runners
Directed and edited by Mike Simms

Official video directed by Jeremy Rice

From ‘Elements’ By Long Distance Runners
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Directed and edited by Mike Simms
Liquid light show by Matt Hender

Long Distance Runners performing their song ‘Sally Ann’ from their album ‘Tracks’.

Recorded and filmed by Heavy Weather (

Long Distance Runners perform ‘You Don’t Answer Anymore’ off their album Tracks.
Recorded and filmed by Heavy Weather (


From their home port of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Long Distance Runners humbly explore new stereophonic territory with their latest and third release, Elements (October 9, 2015).

With Elements, the band confidently lays to tape its own hybrid alchemy of psychedelic, rock ’n roll, and country influences (Berlin-trilogy Bowie, Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones). The album’s 11 memorable tracks are emotionally charged, with fog-drenched and sun-soaked songs about yearning, love and hope, adeptly captured by producer Krisjan Leslie at Lab of Chaos. Moments of effervescence in the production – flutes, modest strings, synths and touches of brass – accentuate the band’s powerful, elemental combination of guitar, vocals and rhythm. The atmospheric riffs and melody of “You Gotta Remind Me” are immediately unforgettable, inspiring repeat listens and any-weather road trips. “High Tide” sets adrift in a sea of reverb and rhythm, yet although the band is prone to reverb, fuzz and general psychedelia, the head never strays too far from the heart.

The Long Distance Runners have been embraced by the East Coast music scene since forming in 2009. With multiple MusicNL and ECMA nominations, and several tours from Newfoundland to Ontario under their belt, the band is a veteran of the scene. They have performed with Wintersleep, Rich Aucoin, Gloryhound, Jim Cuddy Band, Said The Whale, Rah Rah, and the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, and their songs have been featured on CBC’s Republic of Doyle and CBS’s Golden Boy.

Elements follows their 2012 debut LP, Tracks, nominated for ECMA Rock Recording of the Year, and described by critic Babysue as “a rather splendid and pleasing debut album chock full of smart hummable tracks.”

The debut single ‘You Gotta Remind Me’ will be released September 2015 along with a video directed by Jeremy Rice. Elements will be released October 9, 2015 on CD, 180 gram vinyl and iTunes.


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Press Release

For the past five years, The Long Distance Runners have built a reputation as one of Newfoundland’s hardest working and dynamic up-and-coming bands. Their debut self-titled EP (2010) and follow up LP Tracks (2012) solidified their place in the east coast music scene. October 9, 2015 will see the release of their latest album, Elements, which is a testament to the band’s matured sound. Produced by Krisjan Leslie, the album will be released on CD, 180 gram vinyl and iTunes.


“Tracks is a rather splendid and pleasing debut album chock full of smart hummable tracks.” – Babysue.

“…suit up, or down, pop this bad-boy in your boombox (people still have those, right?) and prepare for some excellent tunage.” – Nexus

“Tracks is a brilliant collection of, well, tracks.” – Grayowl Point

“…one of your more varied discs imaginable.” – CBC NB

“Remember the exhilaration that you felt one of the first time you heard Exile On Main Street?” –


CHSRFM podcast

Recorded live at CHSR 97.9FM on Friday October 19th, 2012. University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.